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August 07 2017



I wasn’t asked to a single dance in high school and didn’t have a serious romantic relationship until I was 22. And like, yeah that shit hurt when I was younger. I had a lot of fears that I was unlovable and that I didn’t deserve to be happy. And every time I would try to talk to anyone about it, the conversation became, “you’ll find someone”, when it should have been, “you don’t need a relationship or a date, you’re lovable & complete & beautiful on your own”.

So yeah, please normalize young people not dating, and please stop shaming them for it. There’s more to life than romance, despite what the media wants us to think.

#and not just shaming them#stop effing openly pitying them too

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this user is still healing

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Destroy the idea that tattoos make you trashy

Destroy the idea that white ppl with tattoos are edgy and poc with tattoos are dangerous

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this is the kinda content i subscribed for

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Korean Shaman Initiation Ceremony Fundraiser




Please reblog to signal boost! I am a mentally ill, bisexual woman of color looking to save up ~26k USD in order to be initiated in my people’s dying indigenous religion/tradition. 

the ceremony is set for late August. I’m meant to have the full shrine/temple set up. My mom is going to help scout for possible places in Koreatown(s) to set up in. I’ll pay what I can then, and pay the rest asap to get the items needed once accepted for the loan. As a result, I still need help getting to 10k on the fundraiser as it would TREMENDOUSLY help the strain of such a loan!!

Everyone always asks how they can help support WOC and indigenous religion/traditions, THIS is how.  Even if you can not donate, share this, and even if you can only donate a dollar do so, every dollar counts.

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Me all the time
(If in doubt also have a book or two downloaded on your phone as well)

featuring Leigh Bardugo’s Six Of Crows because it was AMAZING (and the sequel, Crooked Kingdom)

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Life is not a hair commercial, Diana.


back in freshman year of high school we had this teacher who was really fucking annoying and HATED cell phones with a fucking passion. at the beginning of the school year he had us sign this goddamned “contract” that we wouldn’t have it in class or he would confiscate it.

so this annoying douchebag kid was on his phone and the teacher went “you have to give it to me now you signed the contract” and the kid didn’t even look up and said “contracts signed by a minor are not legally binding” and continued to text. and i hated that kid but…..dare i say iconic

anyway he got detention for it but i just found out he got into law school this year

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why is it that when a latina overfills their lips they are a “chola” but when white girls start to do it, its a trend?

how come a black person’s dreads automatically make them look like they smell like patchouli oil and weed and are branded dirty thugs, but when a white person does it, it’s boho chic, a style statement and representative of a love for nature?

why is it that so many little ethnic girls had to spend their childhood being called a monkey because of their thick eyebrows, but suddenly since white beauty made the switch from thin to thick brows, its what everybody wants now?

and when latinas draw on their eyebrows to make them look thinner, or when black girls relax their hair, or when asian girls pop in contacts and wear their eyeliner and false lashes, or when any WOC tries to change their look to conform to white beauty standards, they are still made fun of???? 


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August 05 2017


When it’s your first day of kindergarten and you see your parents leave the classroom


i root for all of my mutuals even if we don’t talk ❗❗ i see u an hope ur doin well an hope ur achieving ur goals 👀👏💓

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family feud is a national treasure 

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