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May 19 2018





I have no concept of the pain scale, like…I just realized that last week I said I was in especially awful hip pain and when my pt asked to rate it I said “3”. And then this week I said I felt a lot better than last week and when she asked me to rate it I said “3”. I really don’t know what the numbers are supposed to be. I know it’s supposed to be out of ten but like. I think I rate the pain by what time of the day it is. Like “i will rate the pain I’m in at a 5 at the end of the day, so compared to what my pain level will be later, what I’m feeling right now is a 3.” I also think i rate in overall pain rather than specific pain? Like, systemically I’m at a five. Some parts will be worse or better but i just rate it all at five because that’s the average

Here’s a pain scale that actually makes sense.

MUCH better than those stupid smile faces.


May 17 2018

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i hate when ppl say shit like BUT ANTIDEPRESSANTS ALTER YOUR BRAIN FUNCTION UNNATURALLY READ UP ON IT NURGGHH like yeah, youre right, they force it to produce serotonin so i can function, similar to how i take thyroxine bc my thyroid doesnt fucking make the right shit, similar to how people with diabetes take insulin, similar to how people with low iron take iron supplements, you thin slice of nutloaf

do you yell at people for eating food bc their body doesnt just naturally photosynthesize energy on its own

Never not reblog.

On point




Reminder that Mordecai is a beef muffin and I want him to raw me


Y'know in hindsight I probably should’ve specified that I was talking about Mordecai from Fire Emblem

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May 16 2018


me: logs into my google account

google all up in my email: BITCH??? THE FCUK IS YOU HACKED???


buying ppl things is SUCH a rush.. even if it’s just like.. a bag of their favorite chips or whatever.. the thought of someone experincing even a split-second burst of happiness bc they didn’t expect to get some of their favorite chips that day? what a thrill! love it








me hanging out with black people in the summer: “aye, yall don’t forget to put on sunscreen”



Use the Walgreens Brand which is pretty cheap and it does wonders and doesn’t leave me with a white cast. And I’m dark as hell so I hate looking ashy but not all sunscreens are made equally and it’s one of the better ones I’ve used.

Wait cocoa/shea butter and coconut oil don’t protect you from the sun we really do need sunscreen??

Yea fam. All that “we don’t need sunscreen” shit is a myth. Combine that with the fact that most dermatologists don’t know how to spot skin cancer in Black people and it’s a nasty combination.

Yeah, it’s harder for us to get it but when we do it’s deadly. I know two people who died of skin cancer, both were Black.

“While incidence of melanoma is higher in the Caucasian population, a July 2016 study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology showed it is more deadly in people of color. African American patients were most likely to be diagnosed with melanoma in its later stages than any other group in the study, and they also had the worst prognosis and the lowest overall survival rate.”

- https://www.skincancer.org/prevention/skin-cancer-and-skin-of-color

Sorry about the link, I’m on mobile. But this is from August 2016, which I know isn’t the most recent but it’s still SUPER IMPORTANT. Y’all please wear sunscreen. With Google it’s even easy to find smaller, Black-owned brands.

https://blackgirlsunscreen.com/ is Black-owned!


Fuck the queue function. I’m hitting y’all with four straight hours of whirlwind shitposting followed by eight days of radio silence.

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I am a little high but what if people proposed with beautiful, intricate knives. Ladies would gather around the table and be like “guess what finally happened!!” And pull this beautiful, intricate dagger out of her purse and all the other ladies would gasp and congratulate her

Me: I’m a little high but –

Y'all rushing to that reblog button:

It’s an awesome idea tho

I want mine to be simple in design, sharp enough to slice through hair, maybe with a damascus steel pattern. The wood for the hilt should be mesquite and the hilt should be hollow, so as to hold a copy of our vows.

Should my betrothed break those vows, I reserve the right to stab them.

Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan. There’s a city called Ebou Dar where they do this, right down to legally being allowed to stab your husband with the knife if he bothers you.

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im the robot

classic who is incredible

Doctor Who: Planet of Fire (1984)




joss whedon: loki tortures and murders people for fun, and, despite being the god of CHAOS, is a fascist who says things like “it’s the unspoken truth of humanity that you crave subjugation” 

taika waititi: loki is an annoying little shit who day-drinks, puts on theater about himself, and fucks his way to the top

joss whedon: loki and thor are gods, so they always talk proper and posh and in cryptic riddles so for no reason. it makes them seem more powerful and mystical.

taiki waititi: one time when they were kids loki turned into a snake because he knows thor loves snakes and then thor went to pick up the snake and then loki turned back into himself and screamed “yueagh, it’s me!” and then he stabbed thor

Taika Waititi has a deeper understanding of Norse mythological accuracy than Joss lol



so many times i’ve heard women tell me they’re “too broke to be femme” but like maybe we should reconceptualization a lesbian identity that’s inseparable from consumerism and inaccessible to much of the lgbt community due to finances, time, or energy

I know you said this in the tags but femme is definitely not about those! Femme is about the subversion of femininity through performing it outside it’s intended purpose under patriarchy — this can be achieved through mannerisms, speech, etiquette, dress, hair, sexuality, etc.

Being femme is not about being a rich lesbian who can afford the latest fancy dresses and lipstick shades. This version of femme, a version contradictory to the identity’s origins, is a result of the increasing commodification of femininity and womanhood. Femme identity is grounded much deeper in compassion, protectivity, support, sexual expression, and other non-cosmetic aesthetics.

Lesbians feeling that they’re “too broke to be femme” is a result of liberal postmodern queer understandings of what it is to be femme, not a consequence of the identity itself. Femme’s essence and history are working class in character, and the fact that it’s being stripped of those is horrifying.

🍭Just some toddler regression things🍭


-Either a lot of energy or none at all

-“no!! no no no!” just cuz

-“not hungry!!” just for a reaction

-if it’s not in a sippy cup i won’t drink it

-“i loooovvee yous!!”

-“no nini!!” “not sleepy!!”

-“i a big girl/boy!”

-“go way mommy/daddy!!”

-*coNSTanT wHINinG*

-still chews on everything if we don’t have our paci

-“i wan it!! i wan it i wan it!!”

-*messy coloring*

-*cute miss pronunciations*

-*scribbly writing*


-*tickle fights*

-physically will never let go of my CG


-whining, and crying, and tantrums, oh my!

-*skipping* playing “don’t step on the lines”

-non verbal when sleepy

-being the sweetest little one in the whole world!! (//•u•//)


She snapped

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May 13 2018


gentle reminder that mother’s day is not for all moms. it’s for good moms. abusive and neglectful moms do not deserve to be celebrated on this day. and if you are the child of one of those moms, you should feel no guilt in ignoring the day altogether. I hope you can stay strong kiddos! ♡

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hey everybody who’s in high school rn, in less than ten years its literally going to feel like a bad dream. like its not gonna feel even vaguely real. hang in there

not even ten years. like 3 days after graduation

ten mins after u walk out

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