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October 05 2017

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Really want to see this

With the expert athletes on the sidelines yelling tips

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This is why my generation is angry about the minimum wage.

“Back in my day…” yeah, without added inflation and before the recession

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Te Fiti’s sole purpose is to spread life across the ocean. She values nature and the beauty that comes alongside it. Moving with gentle grace, often seen with a tranquil expression to match her radiant features, Te Fiti is selflessness and purity incarnate. Though she will not hide her displeasure in those who wrong her, she is forgiving should the individual in question look to redeem themselves.


😂😂 worst pickup line ever. what’s the worst you’ve seen?


source: Yarn 



I love arguing that “I’m not a baby”, not because it bothers me when someone says it, but it’s so nice when somebody proves me wrong because I’m small, sensitive, and accident prone.

It’s like them accepting me when I feel “little” or saying it’s okay for me to want to be taken care of sometimes, and that is such a relief.

I’m always scared I’m a burden or annoying or weird.
So when I pout and say, “I’m not a baby.” there’s nothing else that would make my heart flutter more than them saying, “Yes you are, you’re my baby.”

I usually get all pouty and protest like “I’m not THAT little”, and then melt when they baby me and tell me otherwise.


⭐️list of things that make me age regress⭐️


colorful socks


pastel colors

sweets (like gummy bears)



cute hair ties

coloring books

daddys perfume

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Need 🙄

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October 03 2017

I'm pretty sure "Waka Waka" was the last time we were united as a planet

August 28 2017

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❤  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise ❤ 

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Putting Your Little To Bed


-Play with their hair
-rub small circles onto their back
-snuggle up against them
-let them listen to your heart beat
-put clean sheets on the bed
-give them a fuzzy blanket to cover up with
-turn on a fan
-Make sure the only light in the room is a small lamp
-Turn on a diffuser with Lavender in it
-hold their hand
-read them a story
-sing to them
-kiss their forehead
-talk about the stars
-Wish sweet dreams before they fall asleep

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Goddamn it. 

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This user was emotionally abused and is trying to get better

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This user is excited for Halloween userbox ~

My edit ~

Send a request ~

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Fat girls can wear whatever they want and don’t need your opinion. Fat girls are magical ! ✨✨

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