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June 15 2017




i was labelling stuff today and this lady scoffed at me and i was like hi and she was like writing with ur left hand is immoral. its 2014 and someone actually said that to my face

Writing with ur left hand is fine but having a URL like that is definitely not

i can’t even argue w that tbh

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I’m so sensitive you could literally text me in a different tone and I’ll get sad

June 14 2017

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the lads

These are the boys you crack open a cold one with

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Honestly, the Babadook officially being recognized as a gay icon is the greatest thing to happen so far in 2017.


me, starting a new game: i’m gonna be evil this time

me, 5 minutes into said game: Being Mean Is Not Nice

I don’t like underaged littles.


I love, adore, cherish, admire, protect, appreciate, understand, and accept them. If you don’t, you can go ahead and unfollow me.

Very Important PSA


whoever sees this is automatically cute. i dont make the rules.

Advice to New Caregivers


I am not a caregiver myself, these are just things that as a little I see valuable in one.

1. Same with Littles, learn communities and their rules.

I personally am still learning them all, but I try my very hardest to be respectful.

2. When looking for a Little, look in the community that you are a part of, and be respectful.

I can’t tell you how many times people send me inappropriate stuff. I’m completely a non sexual little, and it really upsets me when people treat me otherwise.

3. If your little would like them, create rules and/or chores.

Sticker charts are especially motivating to get things done. Rules are a good way to add structure to your Little’s life, just be careful about too many rules, because it can be hard to remember them all.

4. Find your “voice”.

Teachers have teacher voices, parents have parent voices, caregivers have caregiver voices! It’s your special stern voice that let’s us know you’re in charge.

5. Be smart about punishments.

Some caregivers like to have punishments for when their little misbehaves. You have to be careful about what is and isn’t an appropriate punishments. Taking away a comfort item if it helps them with anxiety is not. Time out, no dessert, having to write an apology, etc. usually are.

6. Learn their headspace, as well as your own.

CAREGIVERS HAVE A BIG HEAD SPACE JUST LIKE WE HAVE A LITTLE ONE. Learn what helps your little feel little, as well as what helps you feel big.

7. Of course, enjoy yourself.

Being a caregiver is a big job, whether or not you have a little. Just remember you’re doing great! Take a deep breath and enjoy it.

If you read a book and think that I should also read that book you are 100% allowed to send me a message telling me to read that book.

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A wholesome post

reblog if little space helps you cope with stress and/or anxiety

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The Zoo has the most amazing stuffies! 😍

The pink turtle!

Omg I want them all!!!

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Sofia & Rapunzel














its “thighs rubbing together under ya sundress” season

Buy cute, cheap lace leggings. Cut them a little above your knee. Hem them or don’t, but then you can wear them under your sundresses and not worry about how you sit or if your thighs chafe, and if anyone sees them they look cute af so hell yes

Or a little deodorant between the thighs is magical

Also, LUSH sells this dust called Silky Underwear that makes your skin smooth so they don’t stick together or chafe.

I love that we’re all here for each other in this season of need

Monistat has an anti-chafing gel that works wonders and I live by. You can usually find it in the feminine care aisle of any drugstore. 

There’s this stuff called Glide…pretty cheap & works hella miracles

I’m so ready for sundress season. 

reblog to save a thigh


Also bandelettes, anti-thigh chafing bands. I love these things.

share share share and be confident and comfortable in your dresses/skirts this summer, lovelies! :)    

I live by bandelettes!

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i hate when ppl say shit like BUT ANTIDEPRESSANTS ALTER YOUR BRAIN FUNCTION UNNATURALLY READ UP ON IT NURGGHH like yeah, youre right, they force it to produce serotonin so i can function, similar to how i take thyroxine bc my thyroid doesnt fucking make the right shit, similar to how people with diabetes take insulin, similar to how people with low iron take iron supplements, you thin slice of nutloaf

do you yell at people for eating food bc their body doesnt just naturally photosynthesize energy on its own

I hate when people do that


  • it’s okay to eat
  • it’s okay to have fat, because it’s natural and it doesn’t make you ugly or unlovable
  • stretch marks, scars, moles, etc are totally ok
  • your body is wonderful exactly the way it is
  • please be kind to yourself
  • i love you so much
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