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February 04 2018

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January 30 2018


Imagine actually being able to sleep like a normal functioning human being

January 24 2018

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Hey Diddle, Diddle
Tigger and the fiddle
Eeyore jumped over the moon
Winnie the Pooh laughed
To see such a sport
And Piglet ran away with Roo!

Having a little means


-Saying “I love you” 20 times a day for reassurance

-Having to figure out why they are grumpy/crying/distant (usually try food, a nap, or cuddles)

-Lots of giggles

-Learning to cuddle with a stuffie in between the two of you

-Keeping a paci handy

-Making sure your little eats/drinks enough

-Giving many forehead kisses

-Lots of grabby hands

-Learning to decipher your little baby talk

-Having your cheeks, tummy, nose, etc poked a lot

-Learning how to deal properly with temper tantrum

-Knowing all the stuffies names

-Trying to fight the puppy dog face but losing

-Being the voice of reason


I don’t text first… often

Me, staring at my phone: oh no that’s fine daddy dont text me its ok not like i care

Phone: *doesnt go off*

Me, being mildly rational: daddy is probably asleep… or busy

Phone: *still not going off*

Me: ok this is ridiculous how can he just do me like this *picks up the phone* “daaaddyyyyy”

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Rapunzel and Ariel lockscreens for anon ♥






Whats up with Hei Hei in some of the Moana promo art and posters? Like


And like 


And even???? 


He’s so angry and ready to Throw Down 

But then in actuality he’s just 


Disney explain

I went to the “Behind the Scenes” panel for Moana at CTN expo this year and the explanation is as follows:

In development, HeiHei used to be a character meant to be Moana’s watchdog. He stands to the side making sure she stays out of trouble (and away from the sea) and judges her (sort of like Flint the hummingbird from Pocahontas) but the directors were worried that it made him too unlikeable. John Lasseter gave the crew about 48 hours to think of a way to figure out how to save his character or else he’d be cut from the film. So instead HeiHei’s IQ was lowered waaaay down, making him more lovable and funny. During a story pitch in which Moana had to retrieve the Heart of Te Fiti from the Kakamora, she originally only retrieved the stone. The artists reboarded it exactly the same except HeiHei swallowed it and the Kakamora was lugging around a chicken instead and it instantly made everything more hilarious. To which Lasseter exclaimed at that moment: “THE CHICKEN LIVES!” an inside joke that was kept at the end of the film when the ocean spat HeiHei onto the shore and Maui remarks “the chicken lives!”  

best thing about this movie was the perfectly marketed/polished commercial animal side kick just waiting to be the new olaf and then its in the movie for like 3 mins tops and instead a chicken that eats rocks gets to be the disney animal companion™


Once they rewrote the character they were in a panic. Who could voice such a role?

None other than Alan Tudyk, known as “Walt Disney Studios’ lucky charm” due to his roles as Duke in Frozen, King Candy in Wreck-It Ralph and KTSO in Rogue One, who made the front freaking page of the Wall Street Journal due to his performance.

Tudyk says: “The character you’re playing, even though he’s a rooster and is really stupid, you approach it in the same way you would approach Hamlet, which is exactly how I approached it. But they give you the circumstances. “You’re on the boat. You didn’t expect to be here. You just climbed in a boat to maybe sleep. You don’t even know why you climbed in the boat. You’re really that dumb. Every three minutes is a new world to you, so you see that you’re trapped on this boat, and you freak out. Go.” 

Note: Tudyk went to Julliard.

Also: Alan Tudyk is the only non-Pasifika/Maori person in the voice cast. He plays the chicken.

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i made an aesthetic generator now you can discover urself

once i figure out how to pull off ‘feminine dad’ it’s over for you bitches

hell yeah

January 20 2018

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Disney Babies

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This person…. fixes butterflies….. 🦋

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May I bother you for a cup of dried corn?

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All the red flags

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